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And the chart quality is certainly better than that of half of the programs I reviewed. But the charts simply don’t have the frame-and-hang quality of the charts you can generate in programs such as Heredis. That said, you can add background images, and the Legacy software does give you a lot of control over how you display the charts. Perhaps with time and practice, I could have replicated the quality and style offered by Heredis, but that would really have lengthened the learning curve for the program. The interface and the data entry efficiency both received A grades for ease of use. The interface is mostly modeless, using a floating-tab module as the primary interface. There are only a few instances that require you to open separate windows, such as when you’re working with charts or reports.

Despite its flaws, I use FTM 2019 as my primary family tree app, primarily because of the ease of syncing my tree with Only one other app can currently do that, RootsMagic 7, but it’s not a native Mac app , cclean so I don’t like how it looks, among other things. RootsMagic 8 will have a native Mac version, but presumably it will still have the other problems I listed in my review. With FTM 2019, you can download your tree directly from Ancestry, to include all media attached to your tree . This is far more advantageous than exporting a GEDCOM file, which is notorious for mangling and losing data. And while Ancestry GEDCOMs should contain links to your media, other apps may not import them correctly, and they will not be downloaded to your computer. So until a better app comes along, I think FTM 2019 and Ancestry are ideal companions.

So, IMHO the documentation needs a radical brush-up and update which will help especially beginners in getting to know the software. One the other hand, there is an active community of users and developers answering questions within hours. So, if you expect a comprehensive manual you will be disappointed. A private family social network to allow you and your family to create and build your family tree together, post photos, messages and record special achievements. My biggest criticism of Legacy Family Tree is the chart quality, which received a B grade in the evaluation. With 29 charts, the software offers more options than most programs, including charts for DNA records.

  • The cursor animations can be previewed directly in the main panel before being activated.
  • It has a nice hover state and also at the point of action.
  • You may also adjust the position of the shadow, disable the effect, and reset all settings to the default ones in case you are not happy with the results.
  • Plus, you can import your own PNG files into the CursorFX theme editor for designing custom animated Windows cursors.

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When you’re done building, you can export GEDCOM files, so that you’ll have your family trees even if you no longer have an Ancestry account. Ancestry can connect with accounts, which doesn’t require exporting a file, just logging in and linking the accounts.

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The efficient data entry process let me enter the information for 10 individuals in a total of seven minutes. On average, most programs took around 13 minutes to enter the same information.

I want a family tree maker that tells how I am kin to each person but don’t know which one to buy. I am on and use their tree service but want one for my computer. Even with all of its bells and whistles, FTM 2017 is a bit on the pricey side at just under $80. As with RootsMagic, you will only be able to do research on your computer unless you choose to sync with an online tree from another source. This well-known genealogy software has been used by family historians for decades.

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